Aircraft Substitution & Recognition.

5 months ago
I hope that some one could clear up my confusion over this.
I completed a flight QFA17 YSSY to KLAX, aircraft flown A380-8 over the weekend. I have just seen a reviewers remarks on my logbook for this flight.
”This substitution is not allowed according to the aircraft substitution widget. Please check the aircraft substitution widget in the Pilot Handbook prior to doing a substitution in the future. If you are using a model merge (in this case recognized as a PMDG 747-400M) please also leave a comment.”

 This has confused me as on the flight log it says Aircraft flown was A380-800 Quants. So it logged an A380, which is what I flew with.
I did however use a merged cockpit aircraft, using the PMDG 747 panel, as there is yet a Good  A380 for my Sim (P3D) available.

To confirm should I have put a comment in the log file to say it was a Panel Merged Aircraft?  I did not do this as I thought seeing as I was flying the A380 I did not need too. Nor did I select an Aircraft Subsitution for the flight.
I hope I have explained myself clearly & that you can clear this up for me so that I do not make the mistake again as it seems it will be many months/ years before the A380 or even the A350’s are ready for P3D Simmers.

Many thanks

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5 months ago

The 'aircraft flown’ as shown in flights reports is the name of the aircraft as assigned in the aircraft.cfg (in FS9/FSX/P3D simulators) this can be edited by liveries or by the user if desired and as such is not used to determine the aircraft flown. Instead the true aircraft flown is determined by the .air file (again in FS9/FSX/P3D, other simulators rely on different files) which contains information on the actual aircraft, with attached flight dynamics, used. Many panel/model merges solely replace the 3D model displayed in the external camera but are otherwise identical to the aircraft the panel is taken from. In this case a PMDG 747-400M.

Using merged aircraft is not forbidden, and in many cases there is a lack of available aircraft. If you are using a model merge/panel merge do please leave a comment in your flight report as it prevents confusion and makes it a lot faster for staff members to approve your flights as the discrepenancy between the reported name and the identified aircraft is clear.

5 months ago
Hi Pascal.

Thank you for clearing that up. I understand now where & how the ACAS reports work. Plus seeing how the flight reports are collected.

I will make sure to post comments for all of my Merged Aircraft flights as now I have the A380, A350-9/1k & A330 neo, I will be doing lots more of these flights in the future. 

Again many thanks


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