VDM Approach

1 year ago
I was attempting a landing at VVTS and for the landing runway (07R) I only had the chance to fly VDM. In the PMDG777 how do sucsessfuly fly a VDM approach?
1 year ago
VDM is just a different word for VOR/DME approach. As the name implies, you need Radio Nav equipment and a DME, which both shouldn’t be a problem for a passenger aircraft like the 777. 

As for how to fly it, I recommend you look it up on its chart and study it… It usually means, you have to fly to a specific VOR station on a specific radial. Once you are at the station, you are usually going to change to a different radial and fly on it, either for a particular amount of time or for the indicated distance. Once you have reached that point, you would make a turn towards the runway, again on a specific radial until you have the runway in sight. Then you would do a normal visual approach.  

A VOR/DME approach is a non precision approach, since it only gives you lateral information but no vertical data and as such, the final approach will usually be a visual one.

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