Q400 Tour

1 month ago
Hey everyone,

I’d really appreciate a Dash Q400 Tour either in North America (Alaska Airlines) or Australia (Quanta). What do you think?
Would it be possible to set up a prop airliner tour?


James Dunlop
Ruby Member
Content Manager
1 month ago
Hello Patrick,
I’ll look into both options and see which is best.
Many thanks,

1 month ago
That’s great.
Thanks for your efforts :-)
Mike P
Sapphire Member
1 month ago
Another suggestion: we’ve seen tours based on Rugby teams, how about tours based on American Football and Baseball teams?
Maybe even NHL hockey teams?
1 month ago
If it’s based on flights with the Q400, I’m in, however, a solely Q400 tour is what I had in mind.
Mike P
Sapphire Member
1 month ago
I was suggesting an entirely different tour that has nothing to do with Q400.
1 month ago
Ok...I was just wondering, because you posted your comment under the topic “Q400 tour”
1 month ago
Here is a proposal for a potential Q400 tour in Australia

Leg 1: YSSY – YSCB
Leg 2: YSCB – YBBN
Leg 3: YBBN – YBRK
Leg 4: YBRK – YBMK
Leg 5: YBMK – YBTL
Leg 6: YBTL – YMRB
Leg 7: YMRB – YBCS
Leg 8: YBCS – YBHM
Leg 9: YBHM – YBBN
Leg 10: YBBN – YSCB
Leg 11: YSCB – YSSY

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