jetBlue Airbus A220-300 Retired

Licensed under a CC-BY-SA-4.0 license
ICAO code BCS3
Airline jetBlue (JBU/B6)
Cabin Configuration
  • Economy Comfort Class: 25
  • Economy Class: 115
  • Total: 140
Cargo Capacity 1,800 kg (3,968 lbs)
Range 3,300 nm (6,112 km)
MLW 58,740 kg (129,500 lbs)
MTOW 67,585 kg (148,999 lbs)
ZFW 55,792 kg (123,000 lbs)
Fuel Capacity 17,213 kg (37,948 lbs)
Fuel Flow 1,950 kg/hour (4,299 lbs/hour)
Service Ceiling 41,000 ft
Cruising Speed mach 0.8
Cost Index 0
In Our Fleet
Total: 18
Tail Number Name Current Location Total Hours
N3008J Retired Rob Dewar SAT/KSAT 8:33
N3023J Retired Frank Sica BOS/KBOS 2:03
N3044J Retired Dawning of a Blue Era JFK/KJFK 0:00
N3058J Retired Making My Big DeBlue JFK/KJFK 0:00
N3062J Retired Boogie Woogie Bluegle Boy EYW/KEYW 21:44
N3065J Retired Blue Plane Special BOS/KBOS 3:40
N3077J Retired On Wednesdays We Wear Blue JFK/KJFK 0:00
N3085J Retired Blue Ya Gonna Call? BOS/KBOS 8:27
N3102J Retired Do You, Blue VQQ/KVQQ 0:56
N3104J Retired Roses Are Red, This Plane Is Blue VQQ/KVQQ 0:54
N3112J Retired Never Gonna Give Blue Up VQQ/KVQQ 0:55
N3113J Retired FuhgeddaBlueDit BOS/KBOS 3:06
N3115J Retired Based On A Blue Story BOS/KBOS 5:28
N3118J Retired Blue Satin Sashes BOS/KBOS 1:38
N3121J Retired Thank Blue For Being A Friend MLB/KMLB 1:14
N3123J Retired Blue Let The Dogs Out ? MLB/KMLB 1:10
N3125J Retired Blueteus Maximus BOS/KBOS 0:49
N3132J Retired N3132J YMX/CYMX 2:50