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RAM B738

Royal Air Maroc Tour


Asian Cargo Tour


August 2022 Tour

This tour is available from 1 Aug 2022 00:00 to 31 Aug 2022 23:59.

Tours for New Pilots

Congratulations, you have joined one of the best Virtual Airlines! We created these tours covering 5 of the most popular flights on each continent, ideal if you want to earn you first badge. Happy flying!

Discover NA Tour

Discover North America


Discover Africa

DE tour pic

Discover Europe

Discover Oceania tour header

Discover Oceania


Discover South America


Discover Asia

Active Tours
QFA B789

Oneworld Hub Tour

This tour will pass through the most notable oneworld hubs.

MAS B738

Asia Tour

Visit Asia and explore this varied continent from above.

QR B788

Around the World Tour

Take a trip around the world, stopping at some popular holiday destinations

RAM B738

Africa Tour

SRI A333

Indian Subcontinent Tour

ASA B739

The Final Frontier

Explore the Pacific Northwest and Alaska throughout this tour.


Japan Tour


Tour Down Under

Fly around Australia and New Zealand, visiting major capital cities and across the vast Australian Outback


Long Haul Tour

Fly some of the longest scheduled flights, traversing the world.

AAL A321

USA Tour

Fly to some of the biggest and most popular destinations of the United States of America!


Cargo Ops Tour V2

BAW B772

Trans-Atlantic Tour

Flying to major tourist destinations, criss-crossing the North Atlantic Ocean

WC tour image

FIFA World Cup Winners Tour

Visit every nation to win the world cup!


Canaries Tour

Connect the Canary islands to mainland Europe


Europe Tour V2

The new Europe tour featuring new routes and destinations.

UK Tour

UK & Ireland Tour


We're all going on a summer holiday!

Visit some iconic holiday destinations to make the most of the summer!


Wonders of the World

Featuring the Seven Ancient Wonders plus the Seven New Wonders

Airline Tours

Airline specific tours.

ASA tour

Alaska Airlines Tour


American Airlines Tour

This tour focuses purely on long haul flights. If you are interrested in shorter routes with American, check out the USA tour.

BA2 Tour Header

British Airways Tour V2

A revised tour, paying hommage to the UK's flag carrier.

EIN A333

Shamrock tour

Fly the national airline of Ireland to a variety of destinations around the globe.

Fiji A333

Fiji Airways Tour

Fly to and from the island chain of Fiji with the flag carrier of the nation.

Finnair Tour Header

Finnair V2 Tour

An updated tour for OneWorld member Finnair.


Iberia Tour


JetBlue tour

Fly Oneworld Virtual's newest airline stateside and transatlantic.

JST A321

Jetstar Tour

JAL Tour Header

Japan Airlines Tour

Malaysia Tour Photo

Malaysia Airlines Tour

Fly 18 legs from Malaysia Airlines hub in Kuala Lumpur to Australia, South East Asia and Central Asia.


Jetstar Japan Tour

A tour flying with Jetstar's Japanese subsidiary. Thank you to EnglishXP11Pilot for making this tour possible.

QFA B789

Spirit Of Australia

Fly Long Haulers with Qantas!

QTR B788 2

Qatar Airways Tour

Fly long-haul with an airline specialized in long-haul and connecting operations.

QTR Cargo header

Qatar Cargo Tour

RJA Tour cover photo

Royal Jordanian Tour

RWD B738

Rwandair tour

Fly around Africa with Rwandair!


Sri Lankan Tour

Fly a variety of different flights with OneWorld member Sri Lankan


Vueling Tour

Fly for Vueling and discover their amazing destinations!


Cathay Pacific Tour

Oman Air Tour

Aircraft Tours

These tours focus on specific aircraft

QFA B712

717 Tour

Fly the smallest member of the Boeing family across Oceania.

ASA B739

737 Tour

Fly the best selling Boeing family to some of North America's busiest airports.

CPA B748

747 Tour

Fly this cargo workhorse on various routes all over the world.

JAL B763

767 Tour

Fly the 767 on domestic and international routes into and out of Tokyo.


777 Tour

The mainstay of many long-haul routes, fly the 777 all over the world.

AAL B789

787 Tour

The latest Boeing widebody aircraft travel the globe in the 787.


A310 tour


A320 Family Europe Tour

Fly the best-selling airliner throughout Europe.

USA A320 Cover

A320 Family America Tour


A321Neo Tour

Fly the Airbus A321Neo on long and medium-length routes.

QFA A333

A330 Tour

Fly the venerable Airbus A330 on medium and long-haul routes throughout Asia and Oceania.

BAW A359

A350 Tour

The newest widebody airliner on the market, take the A350 from west to east.


CRJ Tour

Short-haul regional flying at its best. Take the CRJ regional jet across North America.

BA E190

E-Jet Tour


Regional Jet Tour

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