jetBlue Airbus A320-232 Retired

ICAO code A320
Airline jetBlue (JBU/B6)
Cabin Configuration
  • Economy Comfort Class: 42
  • Economy Class: 120
  • Total: 162
Cargo Capacity 1,800 kg (3,968 lbs)
Range 3,300 nm (6,112 km)
MLW 64,500 kg (142,198 lbs)
MTOW 73,500 kg (162,040 lbs)
ZFW 60,500 kg (133,380 lbs)
Fuel Capacity 19,087 kg (42,080 lbs)
Fuel Flow 2,400 kg/hour (5,291 lbs/hour)
Service Ceiling 39,100 ft
Cruising Speed mach 0.78
Cost Index 15
In Our Fleet
Total: 130
Tail Number Name Current Location Total Hours
N503JB Retired Bluebird SJO/MROC 46:21
N504JB Retired Shades of Blue SFO/KSFO 17:54
N505JB Retired Blue Skies SLC/KSLC 74:04
N506JB Retired Wild Blue Yonder BNA/KBNA 13:59
N507JT Retired Chicken Cordon Blue PHL/KPHL 21:51
N508JL Retired May The Force Be With Blue BGI/TBPB 16:20
N509JB Retired True Blue LAS/KLAS 23:10
N510JB Retired Out of the Blue UVF/TLPL 4:03
N516JB Retired Royal Blue BDA/TXKF 97:32
N517JB Retired Blue Moon RIC/KRIC 39:41
N519JB Retired It had to be Blue SJO/MROC 17:41
N520JB Retired Blue Velvet ORD/KORD 20:51
N521JB Retired Baby Blue EWR/KEWR 24:31
N523JB Retired Born to be Blue FLL/KFLL 14:39
N524JB Retired Blue Belle LAX/KLAX 20:46
N526JL Retired Blues Just Want To Have Fun SJO/MROC 6:12
N527JL Retired Blue Bayou PSP/KPSP 6:20
N529JB Retired Ole Blue Eyes SJU/TJSJ 31:22
N531JL Retired Blue Finest LAX/KLAX 16:31
N534JB Retired Bada Bing, Bada Blue SXM/TNCM 26:04
N535JB Retired Estrella Azul JFK/KJFK 12:39
N536JB Retired Canyon Blue ALB/KALB 12:40
N537JT Retired Red, White and Blue BDA/TXKF 28:22
N547JB Retired Forever Blue PVD/KPVD 8:56
N552JB Retired Blue Jay JFK/KJFK 14:49
N554JB Retired Sacre’ Bleu! PSE/TJPS 12:42
N556JB Retired Betty Blue JFK/KJFK 13:31
N558JB Retired Song Sung Blue JFK/KJFK 1:21
N559JB Retired Here’s Looking at Blue, Kid SDF/KSDF 4:46
N561JB Retired La Vie en Blue LGA/KLGA 5:30
N562JB Retired The Name is Blue, JetBlue JFK/KJFK 10:38
N563JB Retired Blue Chip JFK/KJFK 16:28
N564JB Retired Absolute Blue JFK/KJFK 36:17
N565JB Retired Bippity, Boppity, Blue DCA/KDCA 30:52
N566JB Retired Blue Suede Shoes HAV/MUHA 7:32
N568JB Retired Blue Sapphire JFK/KJFK 7:55
N569JB Retired Blues Brothers JFK/KJFK 27:44
N570JB Retired Devil with a Blue Dress On SJU/TJSJ 12:56
N571JB Retired Blue Monday JFK/KJFK 4:27
N579JB Retired Can’t Stop Lovin’ Blue JFK/KJFK 8:45
N580JB Retired Mo’ Better Blue PBI/KPBI 31:18
N583JB Retired Bluesville RNO/KRNO 5:17
N584JB Retired Blue Fox JFK/KJFK 0:00
N585JB Retired I Got Blue Babe BOG/SKBO 5:01
N586JB Retired I ♥ Blue York BOS/KBOS 39:54
N587JB Retired Blue Kid in Town MCO/KMCO 2:19
N588JB Retired Hopelessly Devoted to Blue JFK/KJFK 0:00
N589JB Retired Blue Skies Ahead PUJ/MDPC 13:52
N590JB Retired Liberty Blue JFK/KJFK 5:54
N591JB Retired Tale of Blue Cities CTG/SKCG 4:39