jetBlue Airbus A321-271NX

Licensed under a CC-BY-SA-2.0 license
ICAO code A21N
Airline jetBlue (JBU/B6)
Passengers (Cockpit Crew) 200 (2)
Cargo Capacity 2,400 kg (5,291 lbs)
Range 3,500 nm (6,482 km)
MLW 79,200 kg (174,606 lbs)
MTOW 97,000 kg (213,848 lbs)
ZFW 75,600 kg (166,669 lbs)
Fuel Capacity 27,996 kg (61,721 lbs)
Fuel Flow 2,600 kg/hour (5,732 lbs/hour)
Service Ceiling 39,800 ft
Cruising Speed mach 0
Cost Index 0
In Our Fleet
Total: 16
Tail Number Name Current Location Total Hours
N2002J David Neeleman LIM/SPJC 15:41
N2016J Aruba, Jamaica, Blue I Wanna Take Ya FLL/KFLL 10:11
N2017J Cremè Blûelée MCO/KMCO 2:01
N2027J A Blue Point of View FLL/KFLL 16:02
N2029J Blue With A View MCO/KMCO 2:20
N2038J A Whole Blue World SDQ/MDSD 3:16
N2039J Bid You A-Blue SDQ/MDSD 6:28
N2043J Blue Had Me At Hello BUR/KBUR 5:34
N2044J Blue Raise Me Up FLL/KFLL 3:12
N2047J E Pluribus Bluenum JFK/KJFK 14:30
N2048J Hark! Blue Goes There? JFK/KJFK 4:46
N2059J Pretty Fly for a Blue Guy JFK/KJFK 13:28
N2060J Bluetiful Day in the Neighborhood BUR/KBUR 5:50
N2084J Can You Bluelieve?! JFK/KJFK 9:04
N2086J O Bluetiful For Spacious Skies KIN/MKJP 13:38
N2102J JetBlue Loves You [American Sign Language] JFK/KJFK 6:04