jetBlue Embraer ERJ-190AR Retired

ICAO code E190
Airline jetBlue (JBU/B6)
Cabin Configuration
  • Economy Comfort Class: 16
  • Economy Class: 84
  • Total: 100
Cargo Capacity 3,063 kg (6,753 lbs)
Range 2,400 nm (4,445 km)
MLW 51,800 kg (114,199 lbs)
MTOW 47,790 kg (105,359 lbs)
ZFW 43,000 kg (94,799 lbs)
Fuel Capacity 12,971 kg (28,596 lbs)
Fuel Flow 1,970 kg/hour (4,343 lbs/hour)
Service Ceiling 41,000 ft
Cruising Speed mach 0.76
Cost Index 15
In Our Fleet
Total: 60
Tail Number Name Current Location Total Hours
N178JB Retired It’s A Blue Thing CLE/KCLE 7:33
N179JB Retired Come Fly With Blue BOS/KBOS 2:57
N183JB Retired Azul Brasileiro CLE/KCLE 19:27
N184JB Retired Outta The Blue SJU/TJSJ 1:12
N187JB Retired Blue-yah! AUS/KAUS 12:23
N190JB Retired Luiz F. Kahl BOS/KBOS 0:40
N192JB Retired I’m A Natural Blue RDU/KRDU 2:55
N193JB Retired Peek-A-Blue JFK/KJFK 1:21
N197JB Retired Color Me Blue DCA/KDCA 2:21
N198JB Retired Blue 4 U JFK/KJFK 1:22
N203JB Retired Look At Blue Now BOS/KBOS 2:56
N206JB Retired Blue - It's The New Black SAV/KSAV 0:57
N216JB Retired Blue Getaways BOS/KBOS 0:37
N228JB Retired Big Apple Blue KIN/MKJP 2:29
N229JB Retired Blue Amigo ACK/KACK 0:50
N231JB Retired Blue Bonnet JFK/KJFK 4:56
N236JB Retired Blue By Design BUF/KBUF 0:55
N238JB Retired Blue Clipper JFK/KJFK 0:00
N239JB Retired Blissfully Blue CLT/KCLT 2:10
N247JB Retired Blue Is So You JFK/KJFK 0:00
N249JB Retired To Blue Beginnings JFK/KJFK 3:17
N258JB Retired Blue Send Me JFK/KJFK 0:00
N265JB Retired Blue Streak LGA/KLGA 4:55
N266JB Retired Blue Sweet Blue JFK/KJFK 0:00
N267JB Retired Dream Come Blue JFK/KJFK 0:00
N273JB Retired Our Blue Stars JFK/KJFK 0:00
N274JB Retired Good, Better, Blue JFK/KJFK 0:00
N279JB Retired Indigo Blue JFK/KJFK 0:00
N281JB Retired Lady In Blue JFK/KJFK 0:00
N283JB Retired Pretty in Blue JFK/KJFK 0:00
N284JB Retired Sincerely Blue JFK/KJFK 5:23
N292JB Retired Parlez-blue? JFK/KJFK 0:00
N294JB Retired Room with a blue BOS/KBOS 1:00
N296JB Retired Blue's Your Daddy? JFK/KJFK 0:00
N298JB Retired Cool Blue JFK/KJFK 0:00
N304JB Retired Blueprint DCA/KDCA 5:54
N306JB Retired Blue Orleans JFK/KJFK 0:00
N307JB Retired Mi Corazon Azul JFK/KJFK 0:00
N309JB Retired Rhapsody in Blue JFK/KJFK 0:00
N316JB Retired Usto Schulz JFK/KJFK 0:00
N317JB Retired Deja Blue JFK/KJFK 2:29
N318JB Retired Blue Jean Baby JFK/KJFK 3:31
N323JB Retired Only Blue JFK/KJFK 0:00
N324JB Retired Blue Traveller CHS/KCHS 4:15
N328JB Retired Blue Warrior EWR/KEWR 1:43
N329JB Retired My Other Ride Is A JetBlue A320 JFK/KJFK 4:22
N334JB Retired #Follow @JetBlue KIN/MKJP 16:31
N337JB Retired I'm With Blue JFK/KJFK 0:00
N339JB Retired BYO Blue JFK/KJFK 0:00
N346JB Retired Blueberry JFK/KJFK 0:00