Cathay Pacific 95 CPA95 / CX95

Warning! This route has been archived. It cannot be flown anymore and is merely in our system to provide historical data for past flights flown using this route.

2:50 flight time

Recent Flights

Aircraft Pilot Time Duration
B-LJA B74H Long Nguyen 2 months ago 2:40
B-LJE B74H Leandro Mathias 2 months ago 2:25
B-LJL B74H dave tji 6 months ago 2:37
B-LIA B74F Jean-Luc Marcel DUMOULIN 9 months ago 2:20
B-LJH B74H Jackie Willian Balduino 10 months ago 2:14
B-LIC B74F Jean-Marc Lemercier 1 year ago 2:25 Flight Analysis
B-LJK B74H Davis Leung 1 year ago 2:08 Flight Analysis
B-LJL B74H Valerie Bresgen 1 year ago 2:12 Flight Analysis
B-LIA B74F Quique Pineda 1 year ago 2:24
B-LJC B74H Carlos LondoƱo 1 year ago 2:28 Flight Analysis
B-LJE B74H Syaiful Azam 2 years ago 2:37
B-LJE B74H Stephen KILCAR 2 years ago 2:16
B-LJA B74H Erick J Baez 2 years ago 2:35
B-LJD B74H James Dunlop 2 years ago 2:30
B-LJC B74H Donni Kurniawan 2 years ago 2:16 Flight Analysis
B-LIC B74F VINCENT CHENG 2 years ago 2:17
B-LJK B74H Cameron Stewart 3 years ago 2:31
B-LJD B74H Matt Spanton 3 years ago 2:16
B-LIA B74F JamesJJT 3 years ago 2:24
B-LJH B74H Ariel Galvez 3 years ago 2:20