Vueling 6005 VLG6005 / VY6005

Warning! This route has been archived. It cannot be flown anymore and is merely in our system to provide historical data for past flights flown using this route.

1:40 flight time

Recent Flights

Aircraft Pilot Time Duration
EC-NGB A319 Arif Wardana 9 months ago 1:11
EC-MKV A319 Matt Calsada 9 months ago 1:13
EC-MGF A319 William Crowley 10 months ago 1:18
EC-MIR A319 Péter Pál Nagy 1 year ago 1:18
EC-MGF A319 Conny Pettersson 1 year ago 1:26 Flight Analysis
EC-MIQ A319 Richard Chaplin 1 year ago 1:53 Flight Analysis
EC-MIR A319 Eric Tavares 1 year ago 1:18
EC-MKV A319 Carl Anthony 1 year ago 1:09 Flight Analysis
EC-MGF A319 Ricardo Nunes 2 years ago 3:09 Flight Analysis
EC-MIR A319 Benjamin Ambrose 2 years ago 1:24
EC-MIR A319 Oliver Matsalu 2 years ago 1:19
EC-MGF A319 Leon Tanner 2 years ago 1:13
EC-MGF A319 Pablo Ledesma 2 years ago 1:15
EC-MGF A319 Martin Rohan 2 years ago 1:11
EC-MGF A319 Antonio Sessa 2 years ago 1:25 Flight Analysis
EC-MKV A319 Jean Marie Hernandez 2 years ago 1:13
EC-MGF A319 Jean-Marc Lemercier 2 years ago 1:14 Flight Analysis
EC-MIR A319 EnglishXP11Pilot 3 years ago 1:15