Japan Airlines 78 JAL78 / JL78

Warning! This route has been archived. It cannot be flown anymore and is merely in our system to provide historical data for past flights flown using this route.

4:05 flight time

Recent Flights

Aircraft Pilot Time Duration
JA831J B788 Davis Leung 8 months ago 3:34 Flight Analysis
JA847J B788 Jean-Luc Marcel DUMOULIN 8 months ago 4:41
JA846J B788 Alessandro 10 months ago 4:40
JA828J B788 Warren Brooker 1 year ago 3:56
JA821J B788 Dani Isham 1 year ago 3:41
JA821J B788 Antonis Kastrinakis 1 year ago 4:57
JA601J B763 Neil S 1 year ago 4:19
JA833J B788 Richard Chaplin 1 year ago 4:28 Flight Analysis
JA821J B788 Stephen Ellis 1 year ago 4:33 Flight Analysis
JA828J B788 Syaiful Azam 1 year ago 4:48
JA849J B788 Davis Leung 1 year ago 3:33 Flight Analysis
JA848J B788 Faiz 2 years ago 3:40
JA821J B788 Marc MANANDISE 2 years ago 3:31
JA821J B788 Hal B 2 years ago 3:17 Flight Analysis
JA824J B788 Stephen KILCAR 2 years ago 3:15
JA823J B788 VINCENT CHENG 2 years ago 3:53
JA830J B788 Dan Iversen 2 years ago 3:58 Flight Analysis
JA821J B788 Daniel Dvořák 3 years ago 3:35 Flight Analysis
JA832J B788 dave tji 3 years ago 3:36
JA826J B788 Rizky Bramantyo 3 years ago 3:11