London City Airport Hub

Type Large Airport
Country United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
Elevation 19 ft

This airport is a hub for

Recent Flights
Flight Number Pilot Departure Arrival Time Duration
BAW8728 Ibbo LCY/EGLC GLA/EGPF 16 hours ago 1:13
BAW8707 Ibbo EDI/EGPH LCY/EGLC 19 hours ago 1:08
BAW2210 Jeroen Rutgers LCY/EGLC GLA/EGPF 13 days ago 1:09
BAW8486 Jeroen Rutgers PMI/LEPA LCY/EGLC 14 days ago 2:22
BAW8716 Jeroen Rutgers LCY/EGLC EDI/EGPH 15 days ago 0:55
BAW8722 Oliver Matsalu LCY/EGLC GLA/EGPF 21 days ago 0:52
BAW2217 Oliver Matsalu EDI/EGPH LCY/EGLC 21 days ago 1:19
BAW2210 Marc MANANDISE LCY/EGLC GLA/EGPF 25 days ago 0:52
BAW8703 Marc MANANDISE EDI/EGPH LCY/EGLC 25 days ago 1:30
BAW8720 Marco Antonio Inchausti Nogales LCY/EGLC GLA/EGPF 1 month ago 0:54
BAW8703 Bester Joubert EDI/EGPH LCY/EGLC 1 month ago 1:03
BAW4451 Jake Diplock LCY/EGLC RTM/EHRD 1 month ago 0:35
BAW8471 Conny Pettersson LCY/EGLC FLR/LIRQ 1 month ago 1:50 Flight Analysis
BAW8707 Conny Pettersson EDI/EGPH LCY/EGLC 1 month ago 1:16 Flight Analysis
BAW2215 Bester Joubert GLA/EGPF LCY/EGLC 2 months ago 0:53
BAW8720 Bester Joubert LCY/EGLC GLA/EGPF 2 months ago 0:58
BAW8752 Bester Joubert LCY/EGLC BHD/EGAC 2 months ago 0:57
BAW3282 Davis Leung GCI/EGJB LCY/EGLC 3 months ago 0:52 Flight Analysis
BAW3282 Tiger4f GCI/EGJB LCY/EGLC 3 months ago 1:01 Flight Analysis
BAW3282 Carlos LondoƱo GCI/EGJB LCY/EGLC 3 months ago 0:59 Flight Analysis
BAW4452 Gregory John RTM/EHRD LCY/EGLC 3 months ago 0:50
BAW4451 Gregory John LCY/EGLC RTM/EHRD 3 months ago 0:38
BAW3281 Lorenzo Persi LCY/EGLC GCI/EGJB 3 months ago 0:42
BAW7310 Dan Iversen LCY/EGLC MAN/EGCC 3 months ago 0:40 Flight Analysis
BAW3282 Dan Iversen GCI/EGJB LCY/EGLC 3 months ago 0:53 Flight Analysis
Returnable aircraft at this airport
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