London City Airport Hub

Type Large Airport
Country United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
Elevation 19 ft

This airport is a hub for

Recent Flights
Flight Number Pilot Departure Arrival Time Duration
BAW919 Michal Kovarik DUB/EIDW LCY/EGLC 1 day ago 1:05 Flight Analysis
BAW475 Pedro Gaioti FRA/EDDF LCY/EGLC 2 days ago 1:23
BAW7335 Michal Kovarik LCY/EGLC EAS/LESO 8 days ago 2:07 Flight Analysis
BAW8760 Michal Kovarik BCN/LEBL LCY/EGLC 9 days ago 1:51 Flight Analysis
BAW4468 Ahmed Saber LCY/EGLC DUB/EIDW 12 days ago 0:57
BAW8496 Ahmed Saber AMS/EHAM LCY/EGLC 12 days ago 0:52
BAW8479 george jeffery LCY/EGLC SZG/LOWS 14 days ago 1:40
BAW8720 george jeffery LCY/EGLC GLA/EGPF 17 days ago 1:02
BAW779 Jim Ashmed LCY/EGLC AMS/EHAM 18 days ago 0:41
BAW8722 Tom Williams LCY/EGLC GLA/EGPF 1 month ago 1:03
BAW8711 Tom Williams EDI/EGPH LCY/EGLC 1 month ago 1:05
BAW4457 george jeffery LCY/EGLC RTM/EHRD 1 month ago 0:52
BAW8493 Iain Cook LCY/EGLC BER/EDDB 1 month ago 1:27
BAW8493 Graeme Cook LCY/EGLC BER/EDDB 1 month ago 1:21
BAW635 Colin Zuk LCY/EGLC AMS/EHAM 1 month ago 0:47
BAW8454 george jeffery AMS/EHAM LCY/EGLC 1 month ago 0:43
BAW8477 george jeffery LCY/EGLC NCE/LFMN 1 month ago 1:39
BAW4470 george jeffery LCY/EGLC DUB/EIDW 1 month ago 0:49
BAW7021 george jeffery LCY/EGLC FLR/LIRQ 1 month ago 2:04
BAW8739 george jeffery GLA/EGPF LCY/EGLC 1 month ago 1:18
BAW8730 george jeffery LCY/EGLC GLA/EGPF 1 month ago 1:05
BAW8757 george jeffery BHD/EGAC LCY/EGLC 1 month ago 1:06
BAW8758 Tonny Christensen LCY/EGLC BHD/EGAC 1 month ago 0:56
BAW2280 Jose Miranda GVA/LSGG LCY/EGLC 1 month ago 1:37
BAW8723 Tonny Christensen GLA/EGPF LCY/EGLC 1 month ago 1:11
Returnable aircraft at this airport
Tail Number Name Model Airline Hub