London City Airport Hub

Type Large Airport
Country United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
Elevation 19 ft

This airport is a hub for

Recent Flights
Flight Number Pilot Departure Arrival Time Duration
BAW8716 Lee Peter LCY/EGLC EDI/EGPH 3 days ago 0:56
BAW3282 Michael Becker GCI/EGJB LCY/EGLC 8 days ago 0:33 Flight Analysis
BAW8716 Ewan Ayres LCY/EGLC EDI/EGPH 10 days ago 0:52 Flight Analysis
BAW3282 EnglishXP11Pilot GCI/EGJB LCY/EGLC 16 days ago 0:47
BAW4452 Richie Johns RTM/EHRD LCY/EGLC 18 days ago 0:40
BAW8703 Mark Ritchie EDI/EGPH LCY/EGLC 23 days ago 1:15
BAW4471 Lee Peter DUB/EIDW LCY/EGLC 23 days ago 1:12
BAW3289 Anis Deddech LCY/EGLC GIB/LXGB 1 month ago 2:29
BAW7310 Michael Becker LCY/EGLC MAN/EGCC 1 month ago 0:35 Flight Analysis
BAW8709 David Lopez Gonzalez EDI/EGPH LCY/EGLC 2 months ago 1:06
BAW2280 Anis Deddech GVA/LSGG LCY/EGLC 2 months ago 1:29
BAW8763 Sinisa Masle LCY/EGLC ZRH/LSZH 2 months ago 1:10
BAW8742 Kyle Reese CMF/LFLB LCY/EGLC 2 months ago 1:22
BAW8741 Kyle Reese LCY/EGLC CMF/LFLB 2 months ago 1:23
BAW8757 Kyle Reese BHD/EGAC LCY/EGLC 2 months ago 1:11
BAW3280 Matteo Dei Cas FLR/LIRQ LCY/EGLC 2 months ago 1:49
BAW3279 Matteo Dei Cas LCY/EGLC FLR/LIRQ 2 months ago 2:09
BAW8739 Amir Namazi GLA/EGPF LCY/EGLC 2 months ago 1:04
BAW3294 EnglishXP11Pilot MUC/EDDM LCY/EGLC 2 months ago 1:43
BAW7310 EnglishXP11Pilot LCY/EGLC MAN/EGCC 2 months ago 0:32
BAW2283 Kyle Reese LCY/EGLC GVA/LSGG 3 months ago 1:15
BAW8766 Kyle Reese ZRH/LSZH LCY/EGLC 3 months ago 1:29
BAW4454 Bester Joubert RTM/EHRD LCY/EGLC 3 months ago 0:35
BAW4457 Bester Joubert LCY/EGLC RTM/EHRD 3 months ago 0:39
BAW2282 Bester Joubert GVA/LSGG LCY/EGLC 3 months ago 1:15
Returnable aircraft at this airport
Tail Number Name Model Airline Hub
G-LCAG G-LCAG Embraer ERJ-190SR E190 British Airways (BAW/BA) LHR/EGLL