London City Airport Hub

Type Large Airport
Country United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
Elevation 19 ft

This airport is a hub for

Recent Flights
Flight Number Pilot Departure Arrival Time Duration
BAW4462 Florian Grundl LCY/EGLC DUB/EIDW 21 hours ago 0:55 Flight Analysis
BAW7310 Roger Bush LCY/EGLC MAN/EGCC 1 day ago 0:40 Flight Analysis
BAW8711 Florian Grundl EDI/EGPH LCY/EGLC 1 day ago 1:17 Flight Analysis
BAW8710 Florian Grundl LCY/EGLC EDI/EGPH 2 days ago 1:01 Flight Analysis
BAW8722 Deeps Mith LCY/EGLC GLA/EGPF 2 days ago 0:59
BAW8726 Andy Clarke LCY/EGLC GLA/EGPF 2 days ago 0:56
BAW8735 Florian Grundl FRA/EDDF LCY/EGLC 2 days ago 1:11 Flight Analysis
BAW3292 Roger Bush MUC/EDDM LCY/EGLC 3 days ago 1:43 Flight Analysis
BAW133 James Davidsson LCY/EGLC IBZ/LEIB 3 days ago 2:11
BAW8488 Andy Clarke AGP/LEMG LCY/EGLC 5 days ago 2:24
BAW557 James Davidsson DUB/EIDW LCY/EGLC 5 days ago 1:12
BAW908 Chris Machler EDI/EGPH LCY/EGLC 9 days ago 1:22
BAW8726 Tom Inglis LCY/EGLC GLA/EGPF 11 days ago 1:02
BAW908 Tom Inglis EDI/EGPH LCY/EGLC 11 days ago 1:03
BAW8711 Deeps Mith EDI/EGPH LCY/EGLC 21 days ago 1:17
BAW8730 Davis Leung LCY/EGLC GLA/EGPF 29 days ago 0:54 Flight Analysis
BAW908 Davis Leung EDI/EGPH LCY/EGLC 29 days ago 1:07 Flight Analysis
BAW8471 Joseph Critcher LCY/EGLC FLR/LIRQ 1 month ago 2:00
BAW2286 Noah GVA/LSGG LCY/EGLC 1 month ago 1:31
BAW8487 Luca Camilleri LCY/EGLC AGP/LEMG 1 month ago 3:15
BAW4465 Luca Camilleri DUB/EIDW LCY/EGLC 1 month ago 1:08
BAW8472 Frankie Hansen FLR/LIRQ LCY/EGLC 1 month ago 1:59
BAW8728 Waldo Petri LCY/EGLC GLA/EGPF 1 month ago 1:00 Flight Analysis
BAW8717 Waldo Petri EDI/EGPH LCY/EGLC 1 month ago 1:08 Flight Analysis
BAW4467 Frankie Hansen DUB/EIDW LCY/EGLC 1 month ago 1:25
Returnable aircraft at this airport
Tail Number Name Model Airline Hub