Glasgow International Airport

Type Large Airport
Country United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
Elevation 26 ft
Recent Flights
Flight Number Pilot Departure Arrival Time Duration
BAW2517 Anchit Rahman GLA/EGPF LGW/EGKK 2 days ago 1:13 Flight Analysis
BAW1492 Anchit Rahman LHR/EGLL GLA/EGPF 3 days ago 1:00 Flight Analysis
BAW8723 Martim Tusto GLA/EGPF LCY/EGLC 26 days ago 1:10
EIN3228 Martim Tusto DUB/EIDW GLA/EGPF 26 days ago 1:06
EIN3228 Cameron Stewart DUB/EIDW GLA/EGPF 1 month ago 0:48
BAW8727 Cameron Stewart GLA/EGPF LCY/EGLC 1 month ago 1:10
BAW1482 Daniel Basak LHR/EGLL GLA/EGPF 2 months ago 1:20
BAW8725 Sergejs Prokopenko GLA/EGPF LCY/EGLC 2 months ago 1:23 Flight Analysis
EIN3224 Sergejs Prokopenko DUB/EIDW GLA/EGPF 2 months ago 1:04 Flight Analysis
BAW1492 Joshua Groenewald LHR/EGLL GLA/EGPF 3 months ago 1:00
BAW2519 Adam GLA/EGPF LGW/EGKK 3 months ago 1:05
BAW2518 Adam LGW/EGKK GLA/EGPF 3 months ago 1:11
BAW2517 Allen Jackson GLA/EGPF LGW/EGKK 3 months ago 1:08 Flight Analysis
BAW2516 Allen Jackson LGW/EGKK GLA/EGPF 3 months ago 1:14 Flight Analysis
BAW1497 Simon Beckett GLA/EGPF LHR/EGLL 4 months ago 1:10 Flight Analysis
BAW1484 Simon Beckett LHR/EGLL GLA/EGPF 4 months ago 1:18 Flight Analysis
BAW1486 Jean-Marc Lemercier LHR/EGLL GLA/EGPF 5 months ago 0:57 Flight Analysis
BAW2215 Anchit Rahman GLA/EGPF LCY/EGLC 5 months ago 1:29 Flight Analysis
EIN3226 Anchit Rahman DUB/EIDW GLA/EGPF 5 months ago 0:36 Flight Analysis
BAW1493 Robert Woodward GLA/EGPF LHR/EGLL 7 months ago 1:11
BAW8727 Waldo Petri GLA/EGPF LCY/EGLC 7 months ago 1:18 Flight Analysis
EIN3226 Waldo Petri DUB/EIDW GLA/EGPF 7 months ago 0:51 Flight Analysis
BAW1487 Andrew Ingram GLA/EGPF LHR/EGLL 7 months ago 1:06 Flight Analysis
EIN3833 Jean-Marc Lemercier GLA/EGPF ORK/EICK 7 months ago 1:27 Flight Analysis
BAW2210 Jean-Marc Lemercier LCY/EGLC GLA/EGPF 7 months ago 0:55 Flight Analysis