Glasgow International Airport

Type Large Airport
Country United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
Elevation 26 ft
Recent Flights
Flight Number Pilot Departure Arrival Time Duration
BAW1495 Prathamesh Tangeti GLA/EGPF LHR/EGLL 13 hours ago 0:55
BAW1488 Prathamesh Tangeti LHR/EGLL GLA/EGPF 15 hours ago 1:21
BAW1476 Josh Lusher LHR/EGLL GLA/EGPF 1 day ago 0:58
BAW1479 Erik McGinnis GLA/EGPF LHR/EGLL 1 day ago 0:59
BAW1474 Erik McGinnis LHR/EGLL GLA/EGPF 1 day ago 1:06
BAW1495 Fulvio Mele GLA/EGPF LHR/EGLL 2 days ago 0:57
BAW1479 Ricardo Nunes GLA/EGPF LHR/EGLL 3 days ago 0:55 Flight Analysis
BAW1474 Ricardo Nunes LHR/EGLL GLA/EGPF 3 days ago 0:49 Flight Analysis
BAW1495 lasse velden GLA/EGPF LHR/EGLL 5 days ago 0:56 Flight Analysis
BAW1474 lasse velden LHR/EGLL GLA/EGPF 5 days ago 0:59 Flight Analysis
BAW1474 Fulvio Mele LHR/EGLL GLA/EGPF 6 days ago 1:01
BAW1484 FlyFurball LHR/EGLL GLA/EGPF 11 days ago 0:57 Flight Analysis
BAW9274 Keith Morris GLA/EGPF LHR/EGLL 12 days ago 0:56
BAW1472 simpilot_joel on Twitch LHR/EGLL GLA/EGPF 12 days ago 0:57
BAW8722 Keith Morris LCY/EGLC GLA/EGPF 13 days ago 0:55
BAW1479 Angel Marquina GLA/EGPF LHR/EGLL 13 days ago 0:58
BAW1474 Angel Marquina LHR/EGLL GLA/EGPF 13 days ago 0:59
BAW1487 Joshua Setford GLA/EGPF LHR/EGLL 14 days ago 1:00
BAW1482 Joshua Setford LHR/EGLL GLA/EGPF 14 days ago 0:54
BAW1479 Colm Denton GLA/EGPF LHR/EGLL 15 days ago 1:00
BAW1479 Luke 👨‍✈️✈️ GLA/EGPF LHR/EGLL 15 days ago 1:02
BAW1476 Luke 👨‍✈️✈️ LHR/EGLL GLA/EGPF 15 days ago 0:56
BAW1484 Colm Denton LHR/EGLL GLA/EGPF 15 days ago 0:58
EIN3227 Juuso Ilmari GLA/EGPF DUB/EIDW 16 days ago 0:52
BAW8722 Juuso Ilmari LCY/EGLC GLA/EGPF 16 days ago 0:55