London Gatwick Airport Hub

Type Large Airport
Country United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
Elevation 202 ft

This airport is a hub for

Recent Flights
Flight Number Pilot Departure Arrival Time Duration
BAW2705 James R ACE/GCRR LGW/EGKK 1 day ago 3:40
IBS3718 Krystian Pajdzik MAD/LEMD LGW/EGKK 1 day ago 2:03 Flight Analysis
BAW2604 Jean-Luc Marcel DUMOULIN LGW/EGKK RHO/LGRP 1 day ago 3:22
RAM806 John Clarke CMN/GMMN LGW/EGKK 4 days ago 2:57
BAW2066 Jermaine Johnson ACC/DGAA LGW/EGKK 7 days ago 6:32
BAW2067 Jermaine Johnson LGW/EGKK ACC/DGAA 7 days ago 5:48
BAW2546 Adam Hughes LGW/EGKK AMS/EHAM 8 days ago 0:43
BAW2629 Adam Hughes SZG/LOWS LGW/EGKK 8 days ago 1:42
BAW2630 Adam Hughes LGW/EGKK SZG/LOWS 12 days ago 1:28
BAW2036 Dan Nicks MCO/KMCO LGW/EGKK 13 days ago 7:26 Flight Analysis
BAW2769 William Junior JER/EGJJ LGW/EGKK 13 days ago 0:39
BAW1481 mohammed sayed GLA/EGPF LGW/EGKK 14 days ago 1:07
EIN231 Stephen Ellis LGW/EGKK DUB/EIDW 14 days ago 1:00 Flight Analysis
EIN230 Stephen Ellis DUB/EIDW LGW/EGKK 14 days ago 0:53 Flight Analysis
BAW2157 Mark Ritchie LGW/EGKK ANU/TAPA 14 days ago 8:22
BAW1480 mohammed sayed LGW/EGKK GLA/EGPF 16 days ago 1:02
BAW2629 Nick SZG/LOWS LGW/EGKK 16 days ago 2:07
EIN233 george jeffery LGW/EGKK DUB/EIDW 17 days ago 0:58
BAW2570 Colin Zuk LGW/EGKK BOD/LFBD 17 days ago 1:17
BAW2705 Marc MANANDISE ACE/GCRR LGW/EGKK 18 days ago 4:03
VLG6019 Luca Carminati LCG/LECO LGW/EGKK 18 days ago 1:34
BAW2865 Adam Hughes AYT/LTAI LGW/EGKK 21 days ago 3:57
BAW2798 Ryan M LGW/EGKK SVQ/LEZL 22 days ago 2:09
BAW2702 Dani Isham LGW/EGKK TFS/GCTS 22 days ago 3:54
BAW2700 Marc MANANDISE LGW/EGKK TFS/GCTS 23 days ago 4:14