London Gatwick Airport Hub

Type Large Airport
Country United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
Elevation 202 ft

This airport is a hub for

Recent Flights
Flight Number Pilot Departure Arrival Time Duration
VLG6018 Tony Manning LGW/EGKK LCG/LECO 11 hours ago 1:52
BAW2544 DJB2509 LGW/EGKK AMS/EHAM 1 day ago 0:35
BAW2276 OBEYI Franck LAS/KLAS LGW/EGKK 1 day ago 9:21
VLG6024 Fulvio Mele LGW/EGKK ALC/LEAL 4 days ago 2:04
VLG6024 Thomas Hoenack LGW/EGKK ALC/LEAL 4 days ago 1:58
BAW2262 Connor Mcleod KIN/MKJP LGW/EGKK 6 days ago 8:32
BAW1480 Charlie Griffin LGW/EGKK GLA/EGPF 6 days ago 1:00
BAW2622 Ady Foot LGW/EGKK INN/LOWI 6 days ago 1:35 Flight Analysis
BAW2624 James Clarke LGW/EGKK SZG/LOWS 7 days ago 1:37
BAW2577 Charlie Griffin NCE/LFMN LGW/EGKK 7 days ago 1:40
VLG6224 Thomas Hoenack FCO/LIRF LGW/EGKK 7 days ago 2:11
VLG7821 Mark Wilson LGW/EGKK BCN/LEBL 8 days ago 1:53
VLG7835 Eric Heylen LGW/EGKK BCN/LEBL 9 days ago 1:37 Flight Analysis
BAW2277 OBEYI Franck LGW/EGKK LAS/KLAS 10 days ago 10:16
BAW2263 Linus Maliren LGW/EGKK KIN/MKJP 11 days ago 9:37
VLG8945 Ahmed Saber LGW/EGKK ORY/LFPO 11 days ago 0:47
BAW2721 James Mills DBV/LDDU LGW/EGKK 12 days ago 2:27
BAW2263 Connor Mcleod LGW/EGKK KIN/MKJP 12 days ago 8:55
BAW2663 Tony Manning FAO/LPFR LGW/EGKK 13 days ago 2:15
BAW2662 Tony Manning LGW/EGKK FAO/LPFR 13 days ago 2:19
VLG8943 jose bugmann LGW/EGKK ORY/LFPO 14 days ago 0:56
VLG6011 Samuel Forrest LGW/EGKK BCN/LEBL 17 days ago 1:25 Flight Analysis
VLG7835 Jean-Luc Marcel DUMOULIN LGW/EGKK BCN/LEBL 17 days ago 1:47
BAW9751 Ron Bischof DUB/EIDW LGW/EGKK 17 days ago 1:09
VLG7834 Jean-Luc Marcel DUMOULIN BCN/LEBL LGW/EGKK 17 days ago 1:55