London Gatwick Airport Hub

Type Large Airport
Country United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
Elevation 202 ft

This airport is a hub for

Recent Flights
Flight Number Pilot Departure Arrival Time Duration
BAW2256 Jermaine Johnson ANU/TAPA LGW/EGKK 9 days ago 7:40
JBU44 Danny Whiting LGW/EGKK JFK/KJFK 9 days ago 7:30
BAW2157 Jermaine Johnson LGW/EGKK ANU/TAPA 10 days ago 7:57
EIN233 Tom van der Elst LGW/EGKK DUB/EIDW 10 days ago 0:49 Flight Analysis
VLG7838 Florian Grundl BCN/LEBL LGW/EGKK 11 days ago 1:41 Flight Analysis
BAW9171 Tomer Israel LGW/EGKK LHR/EGLL 12 days ago 0:15
BAW9170 Tomer Israel LHR/EGLL LGW/EGKK 12 days ago 0:13
EIN230 Bill Wilson DUB/EIDW LGW/EGKK 13 days ago 0:56
JBU44 Spyros Vasileiadis LGW/EGKK JFK/KJFK 14 days ago 7:40
BAW2796 Brett Griffiths LGW/EGKK AGP/LEMG 14 days ago 2:13
JBU61926 Robert Woodward LGW/EGKK BOS/KBOS 15 days ago 7:23
VLG6945 Dave Llewellyn LGW/EGKK ORY/LFPO 16 days ago 0:50
JBU43 Spyros Vasileiadis JFK/KJFK LGW/EGKK 17 days ago 6:23
BAW2769 Dave Llewellyn JER/EGJJ LGW/EGKK 17 days ago 0:46
VLG6222 Mischa Gerber FCO/LIRF LGW/EGKK 18 days ago 2:11
QTR328 Emmanuel Kawadza LGW/EGKK DOH/OTHH 18 days ago 5:48 Flight Analysis
BAW2881 Dirk Wunderlich PMI/LEPA LGW/EGKK 20 days ago 2:01
QTR327 Emmanuel Kawadza DOH/OTHH LGW/EGKK 21 days ago 6:31 Flight Analysis
BAW2666 S├ębastien Magby LGW/EGKK RAK/GMMX 23 days ago 2:59
BAW1480 Dave Llewellyn LGW/EGKK GLA/EGPF 23 days ago 1:15
BAW2795 Dave Llewellyn AGP/LEMG LGW/EGKK 24 days ago 2:39
EIN243 Conrad Edwards LGW/EGKK DUB/EIDW 24 days ago 1:01
BAW1480 Robert Woodward LGW/EGKK GLA/EGPF 24 days ago 1:00
JBU61926 Robert Woodward LGW/EGKK BOS/KBOS 24 days ago 6:39
BAW9750 Quint van den Hazel LGW/EGKK LHR/EGLL 26 days ago 0:12