London Heathrow Airport Hub

Type Large Airport
Country United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
Elevation 83 ft

This airport is a hub for

Recent Flights
Flight Number Pilot Departure Arrival Time Duration
BAW1326 Taylor Mortimer LHR/EGLL NCL/EGNT 1 hour ago 0:46
BAW56 Michael Willis JNB/FAOR LHR/EGLL 2 hours ago 10:39
QTR8865 Aguinaldo Mota LHR/EGLL DUB/EIDW 4 hours ago 0:46
BAW246 Andrea Lana GRU/SBGR LHR/EGLL 5 hours ago 11:07
BAW58 Xia Cheng CPT/FACT LHR/EGLL 6 hours ago 11:04
BAW492 Richard Chaplin LHR/EGLL GIB/LXGB 8 hours ago 2:12
BAW2771 Richard Chaplin JER/EGJJ LHR/EGLL 12 hours ago 0:42
BAW1425 Richard Chaplin BHD/EGAC LHR/EGLL 13 hours ago 0:49
BAW1418 Richard Chaplin LHR/EGLL BHD/EGAC 15 hours ago 1:21
AAL731 Andreas Ochs LHR/EGLL CLT/KCLT 15 hours ago 8:41
BAW685 Tony Manning INN/LOWI LHR/EGLL 16 hours ago 1:30
BAW684 Tony Manning LHR/EGLL INN/LOWI 18 hours ago 1:33
BAW546 Conrad Edwards LHR/EGLL FCO/LIRF 19 hours ago 2:09
BAW670 Davis Leung LHR/EGLL BJV/LTFE 20 hours ago 3:26 Flight Analysis
BAW1453 Jack King EDI/EGPH LHR/EGLL 22 hours ago 0:58
IBE3176 Angel Casado MAD/LEMD LHR/EGLL 23 hours ago 2:01
BAW676 Conny Pettersson LHR/EGLL IST/LTFM 23 hours ago 3:49 Flight Analysis
EIN164 Conrad Edwards DUB/EIDW LHR/EGLL 23 hours ago 0:54
BAW1479 Richard Chaplin GLA/EGPF LHR/EGLL 1 day ago 0:59
BAW59 Xia Cheng LHR/EGLL CPT/FACT 1 day ago 10:56
BAW1345 Dani Isham LBA/EGNM LHR/EGLL 1 day ago 0:31
BAW480 Daniel DaSilva LHR/EGLL BCN/LEBL 1 day ago 2:01
BAW1444 Jack King LHR/EGLL EDI/EGPH 1 day ago 1:07
BAW1406 Dan Nicks LHR/EGLL MAN/EGCC 1 day ago 0:38 Flight Analysis
BAW1399 Chris Wilkinson MAN/EGCC LHR/EGLL 1 day ago 0:35 Flight Analysis
Returnable aircraft at this airport
Tail Number Name Model Airline Hub
9M-MAB 9M-MAB Airbus A350-941 A359 Malaysia Airlines (MAS/MH) KUL/WMKK
A7-ALD A7-ALD Airbus A350-941 A359 Qatar Airways (QTR/QR) DOH/OTHH
A7-BEB A7-BEB Boeing 777-3DZ(ER) B77W Qatar Airways (QTR/QR) DOH/OTHH
B-1242 B-1242 Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner B789 China Southern (CSN/CZ) CAN/ZGGG
B-209E B-209E Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner B789 China Southern (CSN/CZ) CAN/ZGGG
B-HNR B-HNR Boeing 777-367(ER) B77W Cathay Pacific (CPA/CX) HKG/VHHH
B-LDQ B-LDQ Airbus A330-343(P2F) A33F Air Hong Kong (AHK/LD) HKG/VHHH
B-LRP B-LRP Airbus A350-941 A359 Cathay Pacific (CPA/CX) HKG/VHHH
CN-RGT CN-RGT Boeing 787-8 Dreamliner B788 Royal Air Maroc (RAM/AT) CMN/GMMN
CN-ROZ CN-ROZ Boeing 737-86N(WL) B738 Royal Air Maroc (RAM/AT) CMN/GMMN
EC-LUL Cangas de Onís Airbus A320-214 A320 Iberia (IBE/IB) MAD/LEMD
EC-MOG EC-MOG Airbus A320-232(WL) A320 Vueling (VLG/VY) BCN/LEBL
EC-NER Barajas Airbus A320-251N A20N Iberia (IBE/IB) MAD/LEMD
EC-NFZ Virgen de Loreto Airbus A320-251N A20N Iberia (IBE/IB) MAD/LEMD
EC-NXD Pau Gasol Airbus A350-941 A359 Iberia (IBE/IB) MAD/LEMD
EI-DEO St Sebastian Airbus A320-214 A320 Aer Lingus (EIN/EI) DUB/EIDW
EI-DVL St Moling / Molling Airbus A320-214 A320 Aer Lingus (EIN/EI) DUB/EIDW
EI-DVN St Caimin / Caimin Airbus A320-214 A320 Aer Lingus (EIN/EI) DUB/EIDW
EI-NSA St. Thomas / Tomás Airbus A320-251N A20N Aer Lingus (EIN/EI) DUB/EIDW
G-DBCB G-DBCB Airbus A319-131 A319 British Airways (BAW/BA) LGW/EGKK
G-DBCC G-DBCC Airbus A319-131 A319 British Airways (BAW/BA) LGW/EGKK
G-DBCE G-DBCE Airbus A319-131 A319 British Airways (BAW/BA) LGW/EGKK
G-EUOE G-EUOE Airbus A319-131 A319 British Airways (BAW/BA) LGW/EGKK
JA740J JA740J Boeing 777-346(ER) B77W Japan Airlines (JAL/JL) NRT/RJAA
N2027J A Blue Point of View Airbus A321-271NX A21N jetBlue (JBU/B6) JFK/KJFK