George Best Belfast City Airport

Type Large Airport
Country United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
Elevation 15 ft
Recent Flights
Flight Number Pilot Departure Arrival Time Duration
BAW1431 mouhcin hamrawi BHD/EGAC LHR/EGLL 1 day ago 0:53
BAW1420 mouhcin hamrawi LHR/EGLL BHD/EGAC 3 days ago 0:50
VLG8780 Pablo Ledesma BCN/LEBL BHD/EGAC 4 days ago 2:11
BAW1431 Conny Pettersson BHD/EGAC LHR/EGLL 5 days ago 0:51
BAW1422 Conny Pettersson LHR/EGLL BHD/EGAC 6 days ago 0:54
BAW7330 Gary Welland NQY/EGHQ BHD/EGAC 6 days ago 0:58
EIN3640 Ewan Ayres BHD/EGAC BHX/EGBB 8 days ago 1:02 Flight Analysis
EIN3653 Ewan Ayres EDI/EGPH BHD/EGAC 9 days ago 0:45 Flight Analysis
EIN3652 Michael Becker BHD/EGAC EDI/EGPH 10 days ago 0:27 Flight Analysis
BAW7330 Michael Becker NQY/EGHQ BHD/EGAC 10 days ago 0:57 Flight Analysis
BAW1423 Dominik Fabianowski BHD/EGAC LHR/EGLL 11 days ago 0:51
BAW1416 Dominik Fabianowski LHR/EGLL BHD/EGAC 13 days ago 0:52
EIN3652 EnglishXP11Pilot BHD/EGAC EDI/EGPH 16 days ago 0:32
BAW7330 EnglishXP11Pilot NQY/EGHQ BHD/EGAC 18 days ago 1:00
BAW1421 Jarmo Torvikoski BHD/EGAC LHR/EGLL 25 days ago 0:52
BAW1417 EnglishXP11Pilot BHD/EGAC LHR/EGLL 25 days ago 0:53
BAW1416 Jarmo Torvikoski LHR/EGLL BHD/EGAC 25 days ago 0:58
BAW1416 EnglishXP11Pilot LHR/EGLL BHD/EGAC 26 days ago 0:53
BAW1417 Jonathan Wehner BHD/EGAC LHR/EGLL 1 month ago 1:01
BAW1417 Marc MANANDISE BHD/EGAC LHR/EGLL 1 month ago 0:58 Flight Analysis
BAW1416 Marc MANANDISE LHR/EGLL BHD/EGAC 1 month ago 0:55 Flight Analysis
EIN3615 Jean-Marc Lemercier MAN/EGCC BHD/EGAC 1 month ago 0:38 Flight Analysis
EIN936 Nick Harding BHD/EGAC LHR/EGLL 1 month ago 0:55
BAW7321 Rod Shephard BHD/EGAC BHX/EGBB 1 month ago 0:47
BAW1414 Rod Shephard LHR/EGLL BHD/EGAC 1 month ago 0:56