S7 Airlines 3622 SBI3622 / S73622

Warning! This route has been archived. It cannot be flown anymore and is merely in our system to provide historical data for past flights flown using this route.

Recent Flights

Aircraft Pilot Time Duration
VP-BHP A319 vidar 3 months ago 3:25
VQ-BRC A320 Stamatis Tsolakidis 3 months ago 3:27 Flight Analysis
RA-73401 A320 Robin Gloster 3 months ago 3:33 Flight Analysis
RA-73182 A320 Adrian Danuleasa 4 months ago 4:12
RA-73401 A320 Hal B 4 months ago 3:34
VQ-BET A320 Adrian Szalok 4 months ago 3:16
VP-BCZ A320 Sebastijan Videc 4 months ago 3:34
VP-BHP A319 Kevin Soetanto 4 months ago 3:28
VQ-BRC A320 Dan Iversen 4 months ago 3:34 Flight Analysis
RA-73401 A320 Mike P 4 months ago 3:11 Flight Analysis
VP-BHV A319 Bernhard Bresgen 4 months ago 3:05 Flight Analysis
RA-73401 A320 Gustavo Garcia 4 months ago 3:40 Flight Analysis
VQ-BPL A320 Fran Oller 4 months ago 2:58 Flight Analysis
RA-73423 A320 Cameron Stewart 4 months ago 3:07
VP-BOJ A320 dave tji 4 months ago 3:41
VP-BCZ A320 Marc MANANDISE 4 months ago 3:20 Flight Analysis
RA-73423 A320 Stephen KILCAR 4 months ago 3:29
RA-73182 A320 Lister Ivan Flores Islas 11 months ago 3:43
VP-BHF A319 Daniil Sklyarenko 1 year ago 3:29 Flight Analysis