Jetstar 630 JST630 / JQ630

Warning! This route has been archived. It cannot be flown anymore and is merely in our system to provide historical data for past flights flown using this route.

Avalon Airport (AVV/YMAV)

23:10z (09:10 local time)

Gold Coast Airport (OOL/YBCG)

01:10z (11:10 local time)

2:00 flight time

Recent Flights

Aircraft Pilot Time Duration
VH-XSJ A320 Davis Leung 1 year ago 1:49 Flight Analysis
VH-XNN A320 Dwight Goodman 1 year ago 1:47
VH-VGR A320 Tom 1 year ago 1:54
VH-YXS A320 PATRICK FUCHEZ 1 year ago 1:58
VH-VGZ A320 Scott Partington 1 year ago 1:49 Flight Analysis
VH-VFK A320 Sammuki 1 year ago 1:48
VH-VFO A320 Warren Brooker 1 year ago 1:50
VH-XSJ A320 Spyros Vasileiadis 1 year ago 1:40
VH-VGP A320 Richard Chaplin 1 year ago 2:05 Flight Analysis
VH-VFI A320 Dan L 1 year ago 1:48 Flight Analysis
VH-VFK A320 RemigtonSteel 1 year ago 1:51
VH-VQQ A320 Bernhard Bresgen 2 years ago 1:52 Flight Analysis
VH-VFH A320 Yohanes Sugiarto 2 years ago 2:08
VH-VQC A320 Stephen Ellis 2 years ago 1:54 Flight Analysis
VH-VGH A320 Stephen KILCAR 2 years ago 1:52
VH-VQG A320 Dan Iversen 2 years ago 1:58 Flight Analysis
VH-VGU A320 Jean-Marie CORDA 2 years ago 1:47
VH-VFT A320 Matt Spanton 2 years ago 1:56
VH-VFP A320 Danny Evans 3 years ago 1:51
VH-VGH A320 dave tji 3 years ago 1:50